Improve The Access Into Your Loft

Our ladder is definitely NOT the cheapest, they are though without doubt, the safest.

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Our Wooden Loft Ladder and Hatch

The RJ Insulation Loft Access is manufactured by Youngman and is a complete timber loft access solution and perfect for a professional installation. This loft ladder kit has an insulated draught-proof loft door to prevent heat loss. Sturdy treads and handrail for maximum comfort and stability when lifting and carrying items to your loft. The folding ladder stores within the trapdoor so no loft floor space is used. Suitable for higher ceilings up to 2.85m. EN14975 certified.

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Our Deluxe Space Saving Staircase

Our Deluxe Space Saving Staircase is the perfect choice to gain access to those hard to reach areas, such as a mezzanine floor, where space is limited. Manufactured from strong spruce timber (not weaker pine), this staircase comes with a massive 250kg weight rating and a full length handrail.

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